Research units


In our research institute we emphasize the cooperation of researchers working on the field of social research, mutual help, sharing common experiences, and determining untapped future research orientations. Together with external experts and professionals, our colleagues have formed research groups in order to sum up their experiences on a given research field, to publicize the accumulated results and to set up new research projects.

Professionals working on the field of social research are welcome to participate freely in the work of the following research groups.


  • Demographic and social change in Eastern Europe Program – this international research group is aiming to analyze the historic and contemporary social and demographical changes in post-socialist Eastern Europe;
  • Environmental research group – the research group of Hungarian researchers was founded in 2006 with the aim of exploring the changes in the environmentally aware thinking, which have determined the last 15 years, and of investigating what role the civil sector has taken in this transition.

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