Youth research projects


Our institute pays special attention to study the lifestyle and value-system of youth. Within this research direction we have been following the changing situation of youth in a changing social environment after the transition in Hungary through numerous youth research projects. Within one of our most important research fields we investigate the transition to adulthood of adolescent and post adolescent youth living in post-socialist Hungary, focusing on to what extent their intentions conform to the growing-up models of the agents inducing the socialization process. The primary and secondary socialization factors jointly fit in adolescent youth to the social position system, and to the well-working life courses. The structural changes of the post-socialist societies in the last decade have significantly modified the practical realization of these plans. Due to the rapid transformation youth learns the behavioral rules of adult life from an adult society, which were socialized to traditional life courses, whereas these life courses can be applied limitedly or with difficulties for the majority. Thus, the well-socialized life course plan can lead to socialization deficit.
Besides this, we conduct general and overall youth research projects, focusing on one settlement, with the aim of learning more about the problems, life-conditions, attitudes of youth, and also about their plans for the future.

Research reports are available in Hungarian. For further information concerning the research projects, please contact us via the e-mail address.

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