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The Echo Research Center (ERC) is a division of Echo Sociological Research Institute. The ERC was founded to ensure quality fieldwork for the Institute's scientific research projects, but it is open for research cooperation independently with any other research institute or organisation as well.


Due to its geographical location, partner institutes and a wide range of fieldwork experience, it serves individual researchers, research centers and academic research programs aiming to study the social conditions of post-socialist Eastern Europe. The variety of applied methods and our experience in empirical research guarantees that we conduct fieldwork with the most appropriate methods.


The ERC's main strength is methodological accuracy. According to this we pay particular attention to have the right sample design and size for meeting the project's goals. Our sample design includes random digit dialing (RDD) samples, random list samples, area samples, stratified samples, and weighting calculations according to the probability sampling.


The applied methodologies are as follows:


Self-Administrated & Mail Surveys

The ERC often manages self-administrated and mail surveys to serve the primary data needs in small-budget research projects.


Face-to-Face Interview Surveys

Face-to-face interviews are not the cheapest methods, but they provide quality data in large scale research themes. Interview techniques, response cards, instrument design, scheduling, methodological standards, staff selection processes and management interaction guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness. The ERC is responsible for the successful fieldwork.


Telephone Surveys

In our small in-house research center 3 call stations serve the telephone surveys. If you need quick information through a short closed-ended questionnaire, a telephone survey gives optimal result in a cost efficient way.  To ensure data quality, a minimum of 10% of completed interviews are verified by shift supervisors. Interviewers follow strict protocols for conducting interviews, tracking respondents, and converting refusals to completed interviews.


Focus Groups

Focus group data collection services are also provided by the Echo Research Center. The ERC provides the full complement of services necessary to manage a focus group project. This service includes question route desing, moderation, note-taking, voice and/or video recording, transcription services and reporting.


Mixed Method Researches

Many research project objectives require multiple or mixed methods of data collection. A combination of methods is often used to reach hidden populations and increase response rates. Our Center has experience in such research designs as well. We encourage the researcher to use mixed method (qualitative & quantitative) research for the best result.


The Echo Research Center offers statistical analysis ranging from simple descriptive statistics, through cross tabulations and multivariate (complex) statistical modeling to finished reports. Our staff works in close cooperation with your team to provide the exact level of analysis and reporting of your choice.


Echo Research Center offers the following services:


§         Data protection plan

§         Survey design

§         Sampling

§         Data collection

§         Data entry

§         Database development, editing & inputing

§         Integrating survey respondent data with secondary data sources 

§         Data analysis


If you are interested in our research services, please contact Tamás Domokos, Director of Methodology via the e-mail address.


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